Printable Food Pyramid For Kids

printable food pyramid for kids

The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid is a guide to show the basic food groups. It is shaped like a pyramid to show the basic food groups at the base (e.g. milk, cheese, cereals, breads, etc.). These were foods that provided appropriate nutritional content and was affordable and accessible to most of the population and was the most important to eat to stay healthy. The base shows the most important and as it goes up, the less important. The apex of the food pyramid showed the supplemental foods to help us stay healthy.

The Food Pyramid guide was first published in 1974 and has been updated through the years, the latest update made in 2011. In the 2011 version, the base included items like bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group and also showed the recommended servings, on top of that show the fruit and vegetable groups, followed by poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts group which also included the milk, yoghurt, & cheese group; the apex consisted of fats, oils and sweets.


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