Human Knee Anatomy

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The Knee

In the human body, the knee is the largest joint and it connects femur, tibia, patella (knee cap), and fibula bones. The knee is able to connect these bones through ligaments and tendons which all meet at the knee joint.

The major ligaments of the knee are:

  • The anterior cruciate ligament – this ligament helps the femur stay in place and prevents it from sliding back towards the tibia and sliding forward towards the femur
  • The posterior cruciate ligament – this ligaments avoids the femur from sliding towards the tibia and sliding back towards the femur
  • Medial and lateral collateral ligaments – these ligaments help keep the femur from sliding side to side

There are also 2 cartilages which are C-shaped and are referred to as the lateral and medial menisci, the function of these cartilages is to absorb the shock between the tibia and femur.

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