Human Body System Diagram

Human body system diagram

The Human Body comprises of several systems, namely:

  • Circulatory system

This system consists of the arteries and veins  which transport oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. The major organ in this system is the heart.

  • Digestive System

This system is tasked with breaking down food into proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins that are needed to fuel and make the body grown.

  • Endocrine System

A group of glands control the endocrine system which are responsible for sending messages to the body by secreting hormones. The hormones are responsible for controlling metabolism, sexual development, body function and growth.

  • Immune System

The immune system is responsible for defending the body against diseases and infections.  The immune responds in 2 ways in the event of an infection or bacteria attack. First is the anatomic response, here the immune system is alerted of any substances that may affect the health of the body, the anatomic response then triggers the inflammatory attack.

The inflammatory attack is the response when the body is trying to fight illness, during this stage the person may not feel so well like in the case of catching a cold or fever but this sets in the immune response. In the immune response, the white blood cells are released through the body and produce antibodies to fight the illness.

  • Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system produces white blood cells and generates antibodies that fight disease.


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